PD: Who do you think will win the Winner Winter Olympics?
Mino: There’s nothing I can’t do.

perfection has his name.
 (140712) Mino @ Fanta Event WINNER
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Q: WINNER member you would date?
Mino: I love all my members. Saranghae.
Everyone: Ugh.
Mino: ...
Mino: I hate you all.
Jinwoo: for me it would be Seungyoon or Mino but basically everyone is fine
Seungyoon: Jinwoo or Taehyun because I only deserve the best
Seunghoon: YG
Jinwoo: he's not even in our group
Seunghoon: how dare you he's everything and everywhere he's gOD
Jinwoo: ...
Taehyun: well for me it would be M-
Everyone: WE KNOW
Taehyun: ...
Taehyun: I came out to have a daebak time and I'm honestly feeling so allkpopped right now

poor Leo @_@

poor Leo @_@

you’re gonna do great.

tvN 9th Boy Instagram Update


[CUT] VIXX (Ken) - “My Girl” Fated To Love You OST

“If it were me, I’d spend the time looking for my soulmate — although I’m not even sure stuff like that exists.”

boys over flowers au: kim myungsoo as so yijung, son naeun as chu gaeul (nam woohyun as gu junpyo)